• Second Wind Weekly Events - SEP 23 through SEP 29

    Mon  Parents RunTues Fun Run - Wed Speed Work - Thurs Riggs RunVolunteer Call - Weekly Update Exclusives


    We hope you enjoyed the last three circuit races last week! The next circuit race is our club sponsored race on Oct 27 at 9:00am Allerton Park Trail Run in Monticello, Other race events that are not in the race circuit can be found at



    Weather related or other changes are usually posted by your coordinators (Monday Runday, Tuesday Fun Runs, Wednesday Speedwork) on social media (ex: facebook/twitter). For our fun runs at night, we encourage you to start shopping/looking for a new headlamp (or get batteries for your existing one) to be prepared to run in the dark.
    MONDAY RUNDAY: "Parents Run Second Wind" fun runs at 6:15pm at Lodgic Everyday Community. Happy Hour from 6p to 8p at Lodgic.
    • Kids Camp registration required in advance
    • For more details on this program including what is required to register your child into Lodgic Kids Camp go to
    • Warmup and stretching at 6:15p led by Pursuit Fitness, followed by the fun run at 6:30pm. For any questions NOT addressed in that prior link, please email

    TUESDAY FUN RUN at 6pm - Destination FUN RUN at 6pm - El Toro at the Fields (meet in the west parking lot, corner of Staley and Curtis) in Champaign, IL. Happy Hour after the fun run at El Toro.

    WEDNESDAY SPEEDWORK at the UofI Arboretum at 6pm. Directions can be found at  
    • Meet in the parking lot on Lincoln Ave and St Mary's Road: Speedwork could vary between hill and UofI track workouts.
    • For directions, please go to
    • For general questions, please email our speedwork coordinator at
    • Weather related or other changes are usually posted by the speed work coordinators on social media (ex: facebook/twitter)
    • We start/finish at Riggs Beer Company: run south, turn onto Stone Creek Drive and follow it around to Windsor Road. Run east to High Cross Road and take it back to Riggs. (4 mile route, feel free to do more or less).  
    • Afterwards you are welcome to stay for a drink, often there is a food truck. Invite friends and family to run or just to hang out with us afterwards.
    •  at 6pm - We start/finish at Riggs Beer Company (stay for a drink, often there are food options at the food truck).
      • Invite friends and family to run or just to hang out with us afterwards.

    SATURDAY MARATHON TRAINING September 21: Full & Half Marathon Training (this week's meet up at Meadowbrook Park in Urbana) 

    This is a no frills, bare bones series of Saturday long runs you can use for marathon training. 

    • Updated summer marathon training calendar. This week's run will start at various locations trhoguhout the season.
    • Free for Second Wind members - water to be provided by our volunteer coordinators at sessions not listed as BYOW 
    • Target your summer/fall distance of choice: Indy Monumental; Chicago Marathon; Abe's Trail Trek; Santa Chase; New York City Marathon; Naperville Marathon; Springfield Marathon; Moonlight Miles Marathon; Ironman Florida.
    • Great way to run with other club members on long runs during the summer & fall


     Allerton Park Trail Run - Sunday Oct 27 at 9am SWRC-Logo_CMYKWEB.png 

    Register TODAY for the Allerton Park Trail Run, featuring both a gorgeous 5.7 mile Trail Run and a refreshing 2 mile Nature Walk!


    Members can register for the race at This circuit race is 2 weeks after Allerton as a fall destination marathon option in Indiana's state capitol. If you have not yet signed up, please check the bottom of your email in Member Exclusive Info for the discount code as a fall destination option for both Second Wind members and registered trainees of our Fall Marathon training program.

    Tuesday's Board/Committee Meetings

    The next board meeting is Sep 17 at 7:15 pm in the Satterthwaite Conference Room in the basement of the Urbana Free Library (200 W Green St). Our upcoming agendas & prior minutes from Board & Committee meetings can be found at Agendas & Minutes. Feel free to show up at 7pm for an information chat.


    On the last Tuesday of each month, we will have a Destination Fun Run starting and ending at various eateries. 

    • A different start/finish each month at a destination where you can immediately grab a quick bite or drink afterwards. 

    • Email your suggestions for the next destination to your fun run coordinator at ( for Tuesday September 24.

    • This will replace our usual meeting place at Meadowbrook Park.


    Other Info & Volunteer Help Welcome

    We are looking for volunteers to help with other roles. Do you want to test the waters of volunteering but not ready to join the board? Do you have something you are interested in doing, but we do not have it listed? Email the President if you are interested in something below or want to do something not listed (ie: start a new morning fun run).

    1. Newsletter Team: Editor, copywriter, proofreader.
    2. Allerton Park Trail Run
    3. Race Calendar Coordinator
    4. Race timing: Assist the race timing team/coordinator at our race timing events (even just showing to help set up would be helpful!)
    5. Web team (web master, database admin, and more): under review by Magdalena.

    Weekly Update Exclusives

    This will be included in the Weekly Update emails, but NOT shared on our club web page or social media!

    • Check your email for discounts for: Indy Monumental Marathon!
    • If the weekly email is truncated, you will see "[Message clipped]  View entire message". Click at bottom of email to view entire message that was emailed to see the discounts.
    • Not getting our email? Join or renew your membership today. This year's race discounts could have paid for your membership by now!

    Have any Questions? Send me suggestions. Also join us on our fun runs, and remind your friends and family to renew their membership! We thank you for being a member!

    Let's Have Fun Running!

    Jim Fair III, RRCA Certified Race Director

    • President, Second Wind Running Club
    • Race Director, Allerton Park Trail Run

    Tuesday's Board/Committee Meetings

    The next board meeting is Sep 21 at 7:15 pm in the Satterthwaite Conference Room in the basement of the Urbana Free Library (200 W Green St). Our upcoming agendas & prior minutes from Board & Committee meetings can be found at Agendas & Minutes. Feel free to show up at 7pm for an information chat.
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    Monday, September 30, 2019
  • 2019 RRCA Running Club Promotions

    September circuit races September 15th: Shoreline Classic 15K (Decatur - 6:30am)  +  Women's Fitness 5K (Urbana - 11am); September 21st: Wild Wilderness Trail Run (Danville - 9am) 

    Shoreline Classic - Sunday Sept 15 at 6:30am

    • The Shoreline Classic (presented by the Decatur Running Club) will be Sunday September 15, 2019 at 6:30am.
    • Only the 15K is included in our race circuit! This gives EVERY member racing at Shoreline time to head over to the Women's Fitness 5K to either run or volunteer.
    • For Shoreline Classic, we had some friendly competition against both Bloomington-Normal's Lake Run Club (LRC) and the Springfield Road Runners Club (SRRC).
    1. At least 25 of our members signed up, so our club earned a VIP packet pickup table with a welcome banner!
    2. Have fun! Give the Decatur Running Club the Springfield Road Runners Club an the Lake Run Club all a high five for me!

    Women's Fitness 5K Run/Walk - Sunday Sept 15 at 11am

    Register TODAY for our club sponsored race, the  Women's Fitness 5K (for women only), featuring both a 5K race and a kids dash (for boys ad girls under 10 years)! Club members receive $2 online discount.

    • All proceeds will be donated to the Courage Connection and the Crisis Nursery  
    • Please donate an item both to the Crisis Nursery and the Courage Connection (please bring it to packet pickup)
    • Please bring something to share at our post race potluck style celebration, complementing our treats from Jimmy Johns! click here for more info.

    Wild Wilderness Trail Run SATURDAY - Sept 21 at 9am


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    Monday, September 30, 2019
  • Monday Runday - our Parents Fun Run will be at Lodgic!

    Parents Run will be at LODGIC for MONDAY RUNDAYS
    STARTING SEPT 9 2019, 6:15pm at Lodgic Everyday Community

    Trying to balance running with parenting can be hard. Finally, an opportunity for PARENTS TO HELP PARENTS enjoy a weeknight Monday run kind of day and keep the kids involved. 

    Safety is our top priority! As such, we have partnered with both Lodgic Everyday Community (and the Lodgic Kids Camp daycare facilities) and Pursuit Fitness. This is the equivilent of "Option B" from the survey published in In Passing issue 4 (2019) that many of you completed! To register you child into Lodgic Kids Camp, you will need to submit all of your paperwork (application, naturalization documents, etc). Here is the link to get started.

    Email any additional questions about our Parents Run on Monday Runday, to:


    • No worries about childcare! Our partnership with Lodgic provides a safe, convenient, and fun place for your kids (at Lodgic Kids Camp) with a discounted runner rate for Monday Runday.
    • Perfect for all levels of runners! Begin with guided stretching provided by Pursuit Fitness @ 6:15pm. A mapped out run follows at 6:30pm. This fun, encouraging environment can improve your running!
    • Great way to meet other parents who love running! Socialize after the run at the Lodgic Cafe Happy Hour until 8pm


    • Families attending the inaugural event receive waived Kids Camp registration fee, one free hour of childcare, free Lodgic’s Workplace daypass; free t-shirt! 
    • Starting the following Monday for running club families, Lodgic will offer 1/2 price registration fees, Second Wind discount
    • Kids Camp regular rate for Second Wind members of $8/hr for the 1st child and $5 for siblings during running events.
    • Warm up (decompress/stretch) using methods prescribed by and led by Pursuit Fitness


    • Between 6pm and 6:15pm you will sign in for Monday Runday at sign in tables hosted by Pursuit Fitness (at 6pm our run coordinator could possibly lead anyone already warmed up for a quick 1 mile warm up jog).
    • At 6:15pm, Pursuit Fitness will lead a dynamic stretching and warmup session.
    • At 6:30pm, 2ndWind will lead the fun run for a continuous outdoor loop.
    • After the run, attend the Happy Hour sponsorfed by Lodgic Everyday Community


    • From 6p-8p, Lodgic will be offering a Happy Hour for runners with 1/2 price glasses of wine, $5 cocktail, $5 mocktail.


    • Kids aged 12 months -12 years can attend Lodgic’s Kids Camp 
    • If you have not prior done so, please submit any missing paperwork for the KidsCamp before the run. Otherwise the daycare center will not be able to watch your children during the run.
    • Kids Camp will be doing some large motor exercises and yoga stretching with the children.
    • Kids Camp serves dinner at 6 p.m. All children in care at that time will be served dinner.
    • Kids Camp is DCFS licensed and families HAVE to be registered, Lodgic strongly encourage you to submit your paperwork early. 
    • Completed forms can be emailed to for review.
    • For the paperwork to be completed, go to

    Please note - Lodgic Kids Camp is DCFS licensed and they recommend submitting your child’s paperwork ahead of time.


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    Friday, January 31, 2020
  • IN Passing - suggestions for our official Newsletter

    Your contributions to the newsletter are vital. Send your stories (or comments & feedback) and related photos (including cover photos) to Send your race results to When submitting an article, please include the text and captions for photos in a text document. Cover page submissions should be preferably in a higher resolution quality.


    We warmly appreciate any write-ups you may have to share in the newsletter. This could be a 2 line recap of your spring training, which we can put in a section we might call "Running Shorts". Or you can email the Newsletter Editor a one page (or so) write-up on a thrilling race you conquered (please send a photo or two with the longer submissions)! You can also recap your running experiences, race expos purchases, your running shoefies gone wrong, or simply the answer to everyone's question - "WHAT do you eat that keeps you running?"


    Any photo must include a brief description of when and where the photo was taken, and by who. Additional info that would be desired but not required are names of any club members in the photo along with name of event where the photo was taken at. Please feel free to caption photos if you feel adventurous!


    Happy Running!

    -jim a fair iii, president

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    Friday, January 31, 2020