• SecondWind Weekly events - May 20 through May 26

    Tues Fun Run - Wed Speed Work - Thurs Riggs RunCountryside 10K - Allerton - Volunteers Wanted!

    Sign up for our next circuit race at the Countryside 10K! We encourage you to keep motivating each other to race, run, and have fun together!

    Don't forget to sign up for Allerton, the last race in the Monticello Triple Crown!  



    TUESDAY FUN RUN at 6pm - Meadowbrook park in Urbana, IL - Windsor Street Pavilion

    Our fun run coordinators will meet you in front of the park pavilion on Windsor Road at Vine Street for a combination of 1 and 2 mile loops all on sidewalks.  We encourage everyone who particpated in the 8-week Spring Beginning Women's Running Group (BWRG RUN) that targeted the Kirby Derby 5K to meet to start meeting with the rest of the club at the park pavilion on Windsor Road at Vine Street in Meadowbrook park of Urbana IL.

    Tuesday's post run fun meetup is at 7:30 at Seven Saints in downtown Champaign (32 E Chester St)! 

    TUESDAY at 7:15pm - Board Meeting at Urbana Free Library

    • The room will be available at 7pm for committee topics. 
    • The Board will meet in the Satterthwaite Conference Room in the basement of the Urbana Free Library (200 W Green St). 
    • All members are welcome to attend, and may Check out the agendas here
    • More information about the library can be found at

    TUESDAY 's post run fun social/meetup is at 7:30 at the Iron Post in downtown Urbana (120 S Race St)!

    Wednesday Speedwork at the Arboretum this week!

    Thursday Riggs Run at 6pm!

    We start/finish at Riggs Beer Company and then run south, turn onto Stone Creek Drive and follow it around to Windsor Road. Run east to High Cross Road and take it back to Riggs. (4 mile route, feel free to do more or less).  Afterwards you are welcome to stay for a drink, often there is a food truck. Invite friends and family to run or just to hang out with us afterwards.

    Weekend Race Circuit event: N/A - enjoy an amazing race, celebrate a graduation, or go out for a nice long fun run!



    Register today for the Countryside 10K, which is Saturday June 1, 2019 and plan to attend the post race party at Riggs Beer Company! Available for purchase during registration are Countryside 10k logo 20 oz. vacuum sealed tumblers. The race director is very happy with how well they keep his coffee hot, and said "They are sweet!"  Click here to register.
    Register today for the summer session of the Women's Beginning Running Group. 
    • Sign up today for the 8-week program that starts July 23!
    • This program targets the Women's Fitness 5K on September 15, 2019 (race registration not included, but a link to our website with more info on the race is at the bottom of this page).
    • The program include 30 to 45 minute sessions featuring group runs, training/info packets, guest speakers...
    • Sign up today and come join us over the summer to stay fit and make lifelong friends. Follow this link if you want to Be a mentor!
     Allerton Park Trail Run  - Sunday Oct 27 at 9am

    Register TODAY for the Allerton Park Trail Run, featuring both a 5.7 mile Trail Run and 2 mile Nature Walk! You will enjoy a gorgeous Trail Run or Nature Walk in the morning followed a post run potluck style buffet, a fun costume contest with awards for best male/female/group costume, amazing age group awards, and more! 

    • Club members receive a $3.00 discount on both events (the 2mile walk is not in the Second Wind race circuit) 
    • Both events are part of the last jewel of the Monticello Triple Crown.
    • To qualify for the Monticello Triple Crown, you must participate in any event of ALL three races: Allerton Races in April (Half Marathon/10K/5K), Kirby Derby 10K/5K in May, and Allerton Park Trail Run in October!


    If you have not yet signed up, please check your email for the discount code! The price increases May 9! This race is a fall destination option for both Second Wind members and registered trainees of the Fall Marathon training program.

    Volunteer Help Welcome

    Do you want to test the waters of volunteering but not ready to join the board? We are also looking for volunteers to help with other roles. Click here to Email the President if interested.

    1. Committee - 2ndWind's RRCA Runner Friendly Community Committee: a 2 month project focused on completeing fun (ok, not as fun as running) tasks to help us cerifiy our twin city community of for Urbana-Champaign as a runner friendly comunities!
    2. Membership administrator. This role will assist the membership coordinator with tasks such as emailing, member validations, sending reminders.
    3. Web team master
    4. Race timing.

    Other Info:

    IN Passing - Second Wind's official newsletter is accepting stories for the next issue from you! We are asking you to share your race results to and news articles at and advertisements with

    Board/Committee Meetings: Our upcoming agendas & prior minutes from the Board & Committee meetings can be found at Agendas & Minutes. We will be circulating a committee sign up form. The next board meeting is May 21.


    Circuit Race Number (the full list is at this link):

    #10 - The Countryside 10K - Jun 01
    #11 - Lake Mingo Trail Run - Jun 08
    #12 - Freedom 5K - July 04
    #19 - Shoreline Classic Sept 15 (Only the 15K is in the race circuit: 7:30 am race start) 
    #20 - The Women's Fitness 5K Sept 15 (11am race start) 
    #22 - The Allerton Park Trail Run - Oct 27

    Also join us on our fun runs, and remind your friends and family to renew their membership! Sign up today and participate in the race circuit this year! We thank you for being a member!

    Based on feedback from several persons, this week we are testing out the lack of highlighting in the emails. Let me know of any feedback or suggestions. Thank you.

    Let's Have Fun Running!

    Jim Fair III, RRCA Certified Race Director

    • President, Second Wind Running Club
    • Race Director, Allerton Park Trail Run
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    Monday, May 27, 2019
  • IN Passing - suggestions for our official Newsletter

    We warmly appreciate any write-ups you may have to share in the newsletter. This could be a 2 line recap of your spring training, which we can put in a section we might call "Running Shorts". Or you can email the Newsletter Editor a one page (or so) write-up on a thrilling race you conquered (please send a photo or two with the longer submissions)! 

    You can recap your running experiences, race expos purchases, your running shoefies gone wrong, or simply the answer to everyone's question - "WHAT do you eat that keeps you running?"

    Lastly, if you want to submit a best photo for the cover photo…send an email to with the photo. 

    The photo must include a brief description of when and where the photo was taken, and by who. Additional info that would be desired but not required are names of any club members in the photo along with name of event where the photo was taken at. Please feel free to caption photos if you feel adventurous!

    Happy Running!

    -jim a fair iii, president

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    Friday, January 31, 2020
  • 2ndWind Standing Committees - 2019

    Runner Friendly Community Designation®

    The RRCA is seeking applications for the Runner Friendly Community designation. The Second Wind Runnning Club is applying for this designation for the twin cities of Urbana-Champaign.

    Running is one of the most popular and affordable forms of exercise to get and keep people fit and healthy.  Running can generate significant economic impact for communities that host events and support the activity.  While runners do not require a lot of expensive equipment, there are several ways that local communities can invest to ensure that running is safe, affordable, accessible, and enjoyable for anyone that wants to run.

    The RRCA will review three primary segments: (1) community infrastructure, (2) community support, and (3) local government support.  Each segment includes important criteria as part of the designation process.  The goal is for applicants to prove that their community works together to promote running as healthy exercise for residents while ensuring runners safety.

    Please sign up on our google forms if you want to join a standing committee!

    This hs been republished from the RRCA website.


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    Monday, July 1, 2019