• second wind events 6/19-6/26

    Saturday morning long runs begin this week! See below. 
    Volunteers needed for the Freedom 5k! Break out your favorite (ie most ridiculous) red-white-and-blue ensemble and help hand out water, work the finish line or help with pre-race registration (other tasks also available, and patriotic outfit NOT required, but how many times a year do you really get to wear those flag shorts you bought in 1997?). Here is the link to sign up:
    Fall Women's Running Group registration is open! You don't need to be a beginner - just to want the camaraderie of a low pressure group. The Women's Fitness 5k is VERY early this year (on September 9!) so we are piloting a two-part fall session. Session 1 begins on July 17 and Session 2 begins September 11. Find out more here:
    Tuesday Fun Run: Tuesday at 6:00 p.m. at Meadowbrook Park in Urbana (at the intersection of Windsor and Vine - there is a parking lot and you can park on both sides of Vine as you approach the park). We will start out with a timed-ish mile running west and then south, followed by one or more two mile loops continuing in the same direction. 
    Not sure you're up for a fast mile? The Relaxed-Pace Running Group (RPRG) does a 11-15 minute mile pace and walking is welcome. We've heard that this group is "too fast", so if you're usually the fastest person in this group, try out the "regular" pace group one week and see where you belong. And, the only way we will have a true turtle group is if the turtles of Second Wind come to the fun runs. Don't worry if you are "too slow" - there's no such thing! Your legs might be walking, but you can be running in your mind (or walking there too - it's okay. These groups go in the opposite direction, so no matter your speed you'll see other club members!
    Summer weather and water reminder: The club brings a cooler of water to the Tuesday night group runs, but no cups - bring your own bottle. Water is not provided at speedwork. In the event of severe weather/electrical storms, use caution and common sense when going on a run. Decisions to cancel fun runs and speedwork due to weather will be made in as timely a matter as possible (ideally by 15 minutes prior to the start, via both email and facebook). 
    Board Meeting:  tonight (June 19) at 7pm at the Urbana Free Library in the Satthertwaite conference room in the basement. Check out the agenda here.
    Post Run: Don't plan to run? Come out at 7:30. Got an idea where we should go? Or feedback (good OR bad) about a place we went? Email me! 
    June 19: Sipyard in Urbana (sandwiches available inside at Cafe Co, or byo/takeout)
    June 26:Triptych in Savoy
    July 3: Guido's in Champaign
    July 10: Bunny's in Urbana
    July 17: Seven Saints in Champaign
    July 24: Esquire in Champaign
    July 31: Huaraches Moreleon in Urbana 
    August 7: Maize in downtown Champaign
    August 14: Second Wind Cookout at Meadowbrook
    August 21: Iron Post in Urbana 
    August 29: Scotty's Brewpub in Savoy 
    Speedwork: Wednesday at 6pm. We will meet at Orchard Downs in Urbana. Come participate in a fun and different workout each week. Runners of all speeds are welcome to attend and speedwork may alternate meeting locations.
    Riggs Run: Thursday at 6:30pm at Riggs Brewery on High Cross. A 4-6 mile run, followed by refreshments. BYOfood (often there's a food truck). 
    Long run/fall marathon training: Saturday at 7am. If you missed the email from Nancy McCarty with all the details, it was sent on June 16. MAKE SURE YOU SIGN IN AND OUT. The first run is June 23 at Meadowbrook Park – Windsor parking lot. The official distance is 8 miles with 2/4-mile loops so join us! Here is the suggested route. 
    See you on the trails!
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