Second Wind Symbol

The original symbol representing Second Wind Running Club was a Chinese character, 屁, pronounced "pee", meaning "wind (from bowels)" or, colloquially, "buttocks."  The character is apt on a number of levels.

1. Of the "winds" produced by the human body, those emanating from the buttocks are certainly the second (after those from the lungs), and thus the character symbolizes a "second" wind.

2. The character itself has an interesting etymology:

屁 has two components, 尸is pronounced like "sure." By itself it means "corpse" and comes from a picture of a seated person. 比is pronounced like "bee" and probably is a cue to the sound of the overall character. It means "compare" and comes from a picture of two people in a line, as in a road race.

Thus, the etymology of the character is also quite appropriate and leads to some good advice: If you wish to postpone becoming a corpse, you would be well advised to participate in road racing!


Our current symbol was designed by Second Wind member Tom Burton.

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