Summer/Fall Full and Half Marathon Training 2019

Our Summer/Fall long runs are for those who want to train for either full or half-marathon races distance events in the fall. There may be multiple distance options in the program for early and later races. As a suggestion only, we ask you to sign up online to express your interest in coming to the we know how many people to expect.
We ask participants to (1) bring a water bottle, (2) sign in/out on the clipboard before you go running at the starting location. Highlights of the program:
  • Training program free for Second Wind Members targeting a fall marathon of your choice (or just run for fun!)
  • Long runs are every Saturday morning at 7 a.m. beginning June 22
  • Running routes selected by the coordinators!
  • There will be water at the runs (except where listed as BYOW: Bring Your Own Water)

Continuing the Second Wind tradition, we are offering group long run meetups for our members' summer and fall long runs based on the marathon training program they chose. If a member does not have a training program to work with, our marathon training program coordinators should be able to provide them with the basics of this bare bones schedule, or direction where to go to choose a training schedule. 

In prior years, as many Second Wind members ran one of the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon races, we scheduled our summer/fall weekend long runs to coincide with this event. The Indianapolis Monumental Marathon still remains a fall destination marathon option in our race circuit. If you have not yet signed up, please check the bottom of your email in Member Exclusive Info (you will need to join as a member to receive this email). The race agreed to provide the discount code for both Second Wind members and registered trainees of our Fall Marathon training program looking for a fall destination race option in Indiana's state capitol. The Saturday training runs will be every other Saturday morning at 7 a.m. beginning June 22. The club will provide water at each run, with the exception of events shown as BYOW (Bring Your Own Water). 

Since this is a free training program, there will not be official pace groups like the spring training program. We observed that many participants run at different paces, so no one is ever expected to end up running alone. Of course, you can use these long runs as training for any event that you are interested in, whether that is the Chicago Marathon, New York City Marathon, Naperville Marathon, Mattoon Santa Chase Half Marathon, Midnight Marathon (Springfield), etc. You can even come run these runs just to get in a nice refreshing long run. There is no requirement to run in any race to come to the training runs.



Date Starting Location Distance
6/22/2019  Meadowbrook Park (with no coordinator; BYOW - bring your own water) 8
6/29/2019  Hessel Park 10
7/6/2019  Champaign YMCA  10


Mahomet Lake of the Woods on 47  12
7/20/2019  Meadowbrook 8/12
7/27/2019  Hessel Park 10/14
8/3/2019  Champaign YMCA  10/14
8/10/2019  Mahomet Lake of the Woods on 47 12/16


Meadowbrook  12/18
8/24/2019  Hessel Park 14
8/31/2019  Champaign YMCA  14


Mahomet Lake of the Woods on 47 16
9/14/2019 Hessel Park 20
9/21/2019 Kickapoo Rail Trail (Urbana)  14
9/28/2019 Meadowbrook 10/20
10/5/2019 Lake of the woods RT 47 lot Mahomet 14-16
10/12/2019 Centennial Park Sholem lot 20/22
10/19/2019  Champaign YMCA 13
10/26/2019 Kickapoo Rail Trail (Urbana) 10


The courses are loops or routes that can be adjusted to the distance you want to run.


Happy Running!

Jim Fair III, RRCA Certified Race Director

  • President, Second Wind Running Club
  • Race Director, Allerton Park Trail Run