Newsletter Features 2017

Below are some of the stories from In Passing that appeared on the homepage. For the complete issues with all stories, see the Newsletter archive page.

March/April 2017

Twenty (or so...) Questions with Mike Lindemann

Twenty (or so...) Questions with Jan Seeley




May/June 2017

My Journey Back to Me by Justin Blue

Doubleheader by Jeff Kohmstedt

You Are A Mountain Goat! by Dawn Carson




July/August 2017

Running for a purpose... as life evolves by Carl Larsen

My first 10k journey by Martha McSims

Countryside 10k by Marc Mills





September/October 2017

How I Ran A Lot of PRs in One Race by Ryan Anderson






November/December 2017

Women's Fitness 5k - Recap by Irene Bond Anderson, Martha McSims, and Judie Watson

My Ironman Goal and My Surprise Realization by Niki Lake





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