2ndWind Standing Committees - 2019

Runner Friendly Community Designation®

The RRCA is seeking applications for the Runner Friendly Community designation. The Second Wind Runnning Club is applying for this designation for the twin cities of Urbana-Champaign.

Running is one of the most popular and affordable forms of exercise to get and keep people fit and healthy.  Running can generate significant economic impact for communities that host events and support the activity.  While runners do not require a lot of expensive equipment, there are several ways that local communities can invest to ensure that running is safe, affordable, accessible, and enjoyable for anyone that wants to run.

The RRCA will review three primary segments: (1) community infrastructure, (2) community support, and (3) local government support.  Each segment includes important criteria as part of the designation process.  The goal is for applicants to prove that their community works together to promote running as healthy exercise for residents while ensuring runners safety.

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Monday, July 1, 2019