IN Passing - suggestions for our official Newsletter

Your contributions to the newsletter are vital. Send your stories (or comments & feedback) and related photos (including cover photos) to Send your race results to When submitting an article, please include the text and captions for photos in a text document. Cover page submissions should be preferably in a higher resolution quality.


We warmly appreciate any write-ups you may have to share in the newsletter. This could be a 2 line recap of your spring training, which we can put in a section we might call "Running Shorts". Or you can email the Newsletter Editor a one page (or so) write-up on a thrilling race you conquered (please send a photo or two with the longer submissions)! You can also recap your running experiences, race expos purchases, your running shoefies gone wrong, or simply the answer to everyone's question - "WHAT do you eat that keeps you running?"


Any photo must include a brief description of when and where the photo was taken, and by who. Additional info that would be desired but not required are names of any club members in the photo along with name of event where the photo was taken at. Please feel free to caption photos if you feel adventurous!


Happy Running!

-jim a fair iii, president

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Friday, January 31, 2020