Race Circuit

2021 Circuit Races

Changes for 2021: The Indianapolis Monumental has been removed.

Jan Siberian Express Run Trail
Feb Charleston Challenge Mid-Winter Classic 15K/10K/5K, Buffalo Trace Trail Run
Mar Mountain Goat 8.8M/4.4M (not part of 2021 because no new registrations allowed).
Apr Illinois Marathon/Half/10K/5K (cancelled)
May Kirby Derby 10K/5K
Jun Countryside 10K, Lake Mingo Trail Run, Lake Escape 10K/5K
Jul Freedom Run 5K, Fisher Fair 5K, Bagel Run 10K/5K, SJO 5K, Mile at the Pines
Aug Mahomet Half Marathon/5K, Allerton Trails Half/10K (not the 5K)
Sep Arthur Cheese Rat Race 10K/5K, Arcola Broom Corn 10K/5K, Illinois Marathon Run to Remember 8K, Shoreline Classic 15K (not the 5K), Wild Wild Wilderness Trail (not the 5K), Women's Fitness 5K
Oct Allerton Park Trail Run
Nov Rattlesnake Master 10K/5K
Dec Mike Walsh Memorial 5K

For the above events, if an event becomes virtual and the results are reported by the race director, then the event will still be eligible for points.
The following considerations apply --

  • If the event has more than one distance, then you may participate in all circuit eligible distances.
  • If an eligible distance can be completed in an extended period of time (i.e. marathon in a month) instead of in a single episode, then one participation point will be awarded.



In addition, Second Wind Race Circuit will have the following virtual events every month. If any given month has multiple races, you can accrue circuit points for all distances.

Jan January 10K (closed), January 5K (closed)
Feb February 15K (closed), February 10K (closed)
Mar March Half Marathon (closed)
Apr April Marathon (closed)
May May 10K (closed), May 5K (closed)
Jun June 5K (closed)
Jul July 5K (submit results)
Aug August 10K (submit results)
Sep September 10K (submit results), September 5K (submit results)
Oct October Half Marathon (submit results), October 10K (submit results)
Nov November Half Marathon (submit results), November 10K (submit results)
Dec December 10K (submit results)

For the above Second Wind events, an "enter your time" link will be provided for each monthly distance. For this link you will need to provide

  • First Name
  • Last Time
  • Race Time
  • A link with your time. If you don't have a link with your time, optionally you can upload a photo of the time on your watch.

The link(s) will be available the first of a given month until the 2nd of the next month.


  • To be eligible to participate, members must join/renew their membership by April 30 and include their birth date on the membership form. All eligible members will be automatically entered into the circuit standings.
  • Scoring is done within age groups (M/F)... 19 and under, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70+.
  • Your AG for this year's circuit is determined by your age on January 1; you stay in the same AG all year.
  • To qualify for a circuit award, runners must finish in the top three of their age group AND have completed at least three classical circuit races (virtual or in-person) AND have completed at least eight (8) events of the Second Wind Circuit Virtual events during the year /li>
  • Awardees will be recognized at the annual awards banquet in January.


  • If 10 or more eligible Second Wind participants are in an AG in a race, points are awarded as follows:

    + 1st = 10 pts
    + 2nd = 9 pts
    + 3rd = 8 pts
    + etc.
  • If fewer than 10 SW participants in an AG, then 1st place gets points = # of participants, and down from there. So, if 6 participants:

    + 1st = 6 pts
    + 2nd = 5 pts
    + 3rd = 4 pts
    + etc.
  • The winner of each AG automatically earns at least 2 points
  • Everyone who participates in a circuit race gets at least 1 point
  • Special scoring for Illinois Full Marathon and the SWRC April Marathon: Marathon finishers (26.2 mi) will receive 5 bonus points



Your race circuit coordinator for 2021 is Juan Salas (racecircuit@secondwindrunningclub.org). Feel free to email with questions/concerns/corrections.

For full race details, view the Race Circuit Calendar

For current and past winners, view the Race Circuit Winners page


2021 Race Circuit Standings (updated: 07/14/2021) where asterisk (*) indicates your membership will expire before April 30th.


Name Pts Summary
Female 0-19
Audrey Heckel    
Beatrix Paulson    
Erin Smith    
Female 20-29
Katie Stawiasz 17 JA5(3) JA10(2) BT(1) FE10(2) MY5(2) CS(5) JUN(2)
Ellen Vore 13 SE(2) JA5(1) JA10(1) FE10(1) KD10(2) MY5(1) MY10(1) CS(3) JUN(1)
Maggie Gardner 11 FE10(3) MY5(3) MY10(2) JUN(3)
Justine Paul 9 BT(2) CS(7)
Tori Barnhouse 6 CS(6)
Maggie Brown 4 CS(4)
Catie Stewart 4 JA5(2) CS(2)
Brittany Ashmore 3 LM(1) FF(2)
Alison Ball 2 LM(2)
Yiming Wang 1 CS(1)
Erin Cocca    
Shannon Fehrenbach    
Taylor Greifenkamp    
Brianna Hajek    
Meghan Houk    
Brittany Scheid    
Elli Sellinger    
Mara Vernier    
Female 30-39
Amy Bailey 35 SE(2) BT(2) FE10(4) FE15(2) MAR(2) KD10(2) MY5(5) MY10(6) LM(2) JUN(6) FF(2)
Krista Overstreet 32 BT(5) KD10(3) MY5(7) MY10(7) LM(3) JUN(7)
Stephanie Cummings 30 SE(3) BT(4) FE10(5) FE15(1) MAR(1) APR(7) KD10(1) MY5(1) MY10(4) JUN(3)
Elizabeth Chominski 25 JA5(1) JA10(1) FE10(3) FE15(3) MY5(6) MY10(3) CS(3) JUN(5)
Magdalena Casper-Shipp 17 JA10(2) FE10(2) MAR(3) APR(6) MY5(4)
Bethany Carmien Onwodi 15 MY5(3) CS(2) LE10(3) JUN(4) FF(3)
Jennifer Mandel 12 JA5(2) BT(3) MY10(5) JUN(2)
Hannah Freeman-Choi 8 SE(1) BT(1) FE10(1) MY5(2) MY10(2) LM(1)
Rebecca Reck 6 MY10(1) CS(1) LE10(2) JUN(1) FF(1)
Paula Tankersley 1 LE10(1)
Elizabeth Bennett    
Kate Blahnik    
Teresa Davenport    
Jessica Gentry    
Molly Knoblett    
Mitzy Maldonado    
Jill Rackow    
Natalie Smith    
Female 40-49
Michele Heller 20 JA5(3) FE10(3) MAR(2) MY5(3) CS(6) JUN(3)
Theresa Heater 19 SE(1) JA5(1) JA10(1) BT(2) FE10(1) FE15(2) KD5(1) KD10(1) MY5(1) MY10(1) CS(1) LM(2) LE10(2) JUN(1) FF(1)
Susan Osterbur 19 JA5(2) JA10(2) FE10(2) KD5(4) KD10(3) MY5(2) MY10(2) JUN(2)
Martha McSims 6 KD5(3) LE10(3)
Stef Groves 5 CS(5)
Tracy Kleparski 4 KD10(2) CS(2)
Nicole Lake Olmo 4 CS(4)
Sara Myers 4 LE5(2) FF(2)
Megan Parsons 3 CS(3)
Laura Owen 2 SE(2)
Susie Rapp 2 KD5(2)
Janet Slater 2 LM(1) LE10(1)
Tammy McSims 1 LE5(1)
Amy Bader    
Melony Barrett    
Robyn Harvard    
Rachel Heaton    
Brandi Hedrick    
Debra Herche    
Lisa Hollis    
Erin Lippitz-Gelsthorpe    
Sandra Loeb    
Genevieve Long    
My Nguyen    
Crys Northern    
Lorrie Pearson    
Renee Trilling    
Jen Zalon    
Female 50-59
Nancy Roth 39 JA5(4) JA10(2) CC5(2) CC10(2) BT(1) FE10(2) FE15(2) MAR(2) KD5(2) KD10(4) MY5(3) MY10(3) CS(3) LE10(2) JUN(2) FF(3)
Tina Ammermann 23 SE(2) JA5(3) JA10(3) FE10(1) FE15(1) KD10(3) MY5(1) MY10(2) CS(1) LM(3) LE10(1) FF(2)
Jeanine Bensken 15 SE(3) JA5(1) JA10(1) BT(2) KD10(1) MY5(2) MY10(1) CS(2) LM(1) JUN(1)
Leslie Hammersmith 6 SE(4) KD10(2)
Kathi Ritten 6 JA5(2) KD5(1) LE5(2) FF(1)
Karen Roth 3 SE(1) LM(2)
Jen Anderson    
Dawn Carson    
Katherine Coyle    
Kim Eveland    
Judi Geistlinger    
Cathy Giffel    
Jodi Heckel    
Vickie Hemann    
Babette Hiles    
Angela Holcomb    
Fatima Husain    
Karen Khusro    
Jody Littleton    
Nancy McCarty    
Lori Ozment    
Diana Phillips-Gray    
Lois Reed    
Lisa Sink    
Female 60-69
Karen Iehl-Morse 22 JA5(2) JA10(2) FE10(2) FE15(2) MAR(2) KD10(2) MY5(2) MY10(2) CS(2) JUN(2) FF(2)
Linda Bradley 8 JA5(1) FE10(1) KD5(2) MY5(1) MY10(1) JUN(1) FF(1)
Dianne Cherry 4 SE(2) LM(2)
Holly Clemons    
Becky Dey    
Sue Ellen Finkenbiner    
Linda Gerlach    
Lori Heller    
Jean Ingram    
Heather Mangian    
Brenda Mehnert    
Kathy Meyer    
Beth Scheid    
Jan Seeley    
Female 70+
Roma Chenoweth    
Carol Miles    
Phyllis Roth    
Kathy Vance    
Male 0-19
Harlan Heller    
William Kirkland    
Jackson Kirkland    
Wyatt McCarty    
Knox Mynatt    
Nate Roth    
Eric Roth    
Naser Salas    
Male 20-29
Hayden Brown 2 BT(2)
Michael Highman 2 CS(2)
Collin Hasken 1 CS(1)
Isaac Brinberg    
Ryan King    
Matthew Murphy    
Male 30-39
Tom Gelsthorpe 21 JA5(2) JA10(2) FE10(2) FE15(2) MAR(2) MY5(2) MY10(2) CS(5) JUN(2)
Harry Ball 7 CC15(2) BT(2) CS(3)
Ben Dyer 4 CS(4)
Philip Prather 2 CS(2)
Tyler Reifsteck 1 CS(1)
Fabian Dettenrieder    
Brian Farrell    
Dustin Gentry    
Nicholas Heller    
Caleb Miller    
Sandeep Pulluru    
Dan Sargis    
Male 40-49
Brian Moline 51 SE(4) JA5(3) JA10(3) CC15(2) BT(8) FE10(2) FE15(2) MAR(2) KD10(3) MY5(4) MY10(4) CS(6) LM(3) LE10(2) JUN(3)
Scott Silverman 18 JA5(1) JA10(2) FE10(1) MY5(3) MY10(3) CS(4) LE10(1) JUN(1) FF(2)
Marc Mills 17 JA5(2) JA10(1) BT(6) MY5(2) MY10(2) LE5(2) JUN(2)
Stephen Johnson 14 SE(3) BT(4) MAR(1) KD10(1) MY5(1) MY10(1) CS(3)
Jay Bennett 7 BT(7)
David Schug 5 CS(5)
Jakub Szewczyk 5 BT(5)
Christopher Korose 4 BT(2) CS(2)
Frank Hardy 3 SE(2) BT(1)
Mark Kirkland 3 BT(3)
Eric Benson 2 KD10(2)
Nikita Borisov 2 LM(2)
Jim Fair III 1 LM(1)
Nate Parsons 1 CS(1)
Jeremy Rolson 1 SE(1)
Chris Delis    
Minh Do    
Charles Fogelman    
Luke Herche    
Stephen Kemp    
Jeff Kohmstedt    
Gabriel Lopez    
Levi Marriott    
Nick Paulson    
Keith Schinkoeth    
Daniel Snyder    
Steve Troyer    
Jason Zhang    
Male 50-59
John Reed 55 SE(5) JA5(5) JA10(3) BT(4) FE10(3) FE15(3) MAR(2) KD5(2) MY5(4) MY10(3) CS(5) LM(4) LE10(5) JUN(3) FF(4)
David Ammermann 36 SE(3) JA5(4) JA10(2) FE10(2) FE15(2) MAR(1) KD10(2) MY5(3) MY10(2) CS(4) LM(3) LE10(3) JUN(2) FF(3)
Juan Salas 18 SE(2) JA5(2) JA10(1) BT(2) FE10(1) FE15(1) KD10(1) MY5(2) MY10(1) CS(2) LE10(2) JUN(1)
Dixon Mark 10 SE(4) BT(3) CS(3)
Michael Tankersley 10 CS(6) LE10(4)
Brad Giffel 7 JA5(3) CS(1) LE10(1) FF(2)
Michael Astrosky 3 SE(1) MY5(1) LM(1)
Arnoud Buzing 2 LM(2)
Carl Roth 2 JA5(1) FF(1)
Jeffrey Haas 1 BT(1)
Larry Adelston    
Kent Choquette    
Charles Foran    
Dan Sanpet Guyot    
John Kluth    
Paul Littleton    
Greg VanHoorn    
Male 60-69
Richard Mann 11 SE(3) JA10(2) BT(3) LM(3)
Carl W Larsen Jr 3 JA5(2) JA10(1)
Jon Rector 3 SE(1) BT(1) LM(1)
James Doyle 2 LE10(2)
Don Frichtl 2 LM(2)
John North 2 SE(2)
James Whitfield 2 BT(2)
Eric Berlin    
Ken Bodine    
Bill Dey    
Don Dodson    
Charles Gibson    
Daniel Grayson    
Bruce Hajek    
Edward Mehnert    
Bill Moritz    
Carl Nelson    
Matthew Snyder    
Male 70+
Richard Roth 4 SE(2) LM(2)
Ivan Fink 2 LE5(2)
Edward Roy 2 BT(2)
Richard Brannon    
Terry (Albert) England    
Charles Evans    



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