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The Monticello Triple Crown is a series of 3 race events hosted all in Monticello, IL. By completing an event in each of the three races, you will qualify for a Monticello Triple Crown award, which has been a very comfortable long sleeve 1/4 zip pullover or full zippered sweater. The Monticello Triple Crown is sponsored by Kelly's Accounting Service. Kelly has been generous enough to donate on behalf of her accounting firm towards the award to help encourage the proliferation of running and physical fitness in the city of Monticello.

To earn your Monticello Triple Crown prize, complete the Allerton Trails Half Marathon OR 10K OR the Trail-Glo 5K (in April), AND complete The Kirby Derby 5K OR 10K (in May), AND sign up for the Allerton Park Trail Run (either the 5.7 mile Trail Run OR 2 mile Nature Walk on the last Sunday of October).

The Monticello Triple Crown race events include:

Please note October 20, 2019 at 7pm is THE deadline to be mindful of when registering for the Allerton Pak Trail Run for the Monticello Triple Crown award. This is the absolutely the LAST day to choose the Monticello Triple Crown award if you qualify. When you are completing the registration form for the Allerton Park Trail Run. Unfortunately, we cannot choose it for you.

If you are signing up for the Monticello Triple Crown, and are registering for all three races around the same time, then while you are completing the registerration form for the Allerton Park Trail Run, please check the following box and select your preferred shirt/sweater size for a Monticello Triple Crown award. 

Triple Crown? (check the box if you will qualify) (optional)

If you participate in the 2019 Allerton Trails Half Marathon/10K/5K, the 2019 Kirby Derby, and the 2019 Allerton Park Trail Run, you qualify for the Triple Crown award, which is Sponsored by Kelly's Accounting Service in Monticello; in the past this award was a jacket or a technical long sleeve pullover. Either running or walking events qualify for the Triple Crown. Choose your size on the next page.









History of awards:

  • 2013 - The award was a logo track jacket for men, and a fashionable logo pullover for ladies.
  • 2014 - The award was a fuzzy fleece pullovers with the new Triple Crown logo embroidered on the crest.
  • 2015 - The award were awesome active jackets in red or blue. 
  • 2016 -The award were new, uniquely-styled grey jackets.
  • 2017 -The award info will be updated soon...
  • 2018 -The awards were warm running friendly sweaters: the mens award was a red 1/4 zip pullover and the womens a full zip pink sweater (i have seen quite a few people runnign outside training for the Illinois Marathon in pink jackets).

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