Lake of the Woods County Park (Buffalo Trace)

Buffalo Trace Course Description


The full point to point loop course is 26,155' or 4.95+miles (245' short of 5 miles). 


A few people have asked for a description of the 5-mile course so here goes: 


·         1-Start at the intersection of bike path and trail heading downhill into the woods.

·         2-Stay on the "lowest cut and worn" path. 

·         3-Turn right at all intersections of the worn path (5 EXCEPTIONS NOTED) 

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Salt Fork

Salt Fork River Forest Preserve (Homer Lake)

by David Scott

Useful links: (Salt Fork River Forest Preserve website)

The trails at Homer Lake offer an interesting alternative running venue close to Champaign-Urbana. The land is quite flat, but there is a good mix of prairie and woodland, and pleasant views across the water. Getting there is usually easy (see below for special instructions as of June 2002).

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Trails of Central Illinois

Trails of Central Illinois

by David Scott

This is an on-going project to document good running trails in central Illinois. At present I am concentrating on trails within about one hours drive of Champaign-Urbana. Later, it may be expanded to include locations further afield. The trails in the guide are visited regularly on weekends (generally Sunday mornings) by the Buffalo trail-running section of Second Wind Running Club. A recommendation for post-run breakfast is included in most cases.