Second Wind Symbol

The original symbol representing Second Wind Running Club was a Chinese character, 屁, pronounced "pee", meaning "wind (from bowels)" or, colloquially, "buttocks."  The character is apt on a number of levels.

1. Of the "winds" produced by the human body, those emanating from the buttocks are certainly the second (after those from the lungs), and thus the character symbolizes a "second" wind.

2. The character itself has an interesting etymology:

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Club History: The Early Years




The hardy stalwarts of the Windsor Road Running Group. This ever-changing group was the original nucleus of what is now the Second Wind Running Club.Front row, are (from left) Gene Wicks, Bill Marble, and Dennis Lewis.Standing, from left, are Anne Jordan, Tom Jordan, Jim Acheson (absent but there in spirit), Tony Peresinni, Bruce Winter, Paul Quinlin, and Bob Van Auken. (photo 1985)


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